Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Rosalind Phillips

The part of real estate experience I liked most with Carol & Peter was the personalized and friendly services they provided. They really wowed me by doing what they said they would do by honouring their word! I would definitely refer friends and family to Carol & Peter :)

By: Lynette Lewis

The service and personal attention we received from Peter Scarcella and Carol Clarke-Rose was exceptional and unexpected from a Realtor. Their extensive knowledge of the local market in Erin Mills and Streetsville areas and his key contacts in the community helped me tremendously in my search for a home. After patiently walking me through many listings for both homes that were for rent and for sale, Peter and Carol helped me navigate a market that I am unfamiliar with and they did so under an extreme time constraint, for that I am truly grateful. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, and especially if you are re-locating, I would highly recommend Peter Scarcella and Carol Clarke-Rose to help you in this life changing move. I could not have asked for more professional and efficient Realtors to guide me through this process.

By: Maria Nitafan

1 week... that's all it took and multiple offers all above asking!! We got their number for the marketing that we get from time to time. We were still undecided when we called Carol; we didn't know if it was the right time, we didn't know how much our house should go for, we didn't know what to expect from the real estate market... so many questions. Carol came by, talked to us about their services, even gave us a binder to refer to if we have questions... and the rest is history! The awesome pictures on the listing, the media used for the listing to ensure a very broad audience, the strategizing for multiple offers were all part of the services of Carol and Peter. They gave us the confidence that we would get what we asked for (and more) and they delivered!! We've sold 3 properties in our lifetime and this by far was the most worry-free and the most satisfying! So thank you, Carol, Peter and your staff. We would recommend you to our friends and family any time!

By: Dorothy Suhler

I just wanted to say thanks for your services on my behalf during the sale of my home on Thomas Street during the spring. Your choice of marketing strategies, careful research and effective pricing allowed my home in Mississauga to sell in a single day, for more than the asking price! An unbelievable, and unexpected, experience that did much to ease my worries during that point in my life. What I especially remember about dealing with you was your kind, thoughtful and considerate manner in every aspect of the sale: explaining the process, showing the home to prospective customers, and assistance with negotiating a deal that I was very happy to accept. You were patient – you understood my need to have things explained in ways that I could appreciate what was going on. In this fast-paced world, your approach to the difficult business of selling a home was just what I needed. I would recommend your services to anyone who is considering selling their home if they are interested in a warm, friendly, highly competent agent who knows her stuff, and who always takes the time to keep her customers informed and comfortable with the process of the sale of a home. Here’s wishing you every success!

By: Jim Witt

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to both Peter and Carol in the way you both handled the sale of our home on Ruperts Gate Drive. As you are aware we have a unique home with a lot of upgrades that went on the market at a price level that was much higher than any other home had previously sold in the area. Given this, it was very refreshing and professional of Peter and yourself that you identified the true value of our home and were prepared to put in the work required to achieve the financial goals we had. Rather than trying for the quick sale and attempting to talk me into a lower price point for that quick sale, you in turn chose to do what was in our best interest and work hard to maximize our return on our investment. It is also worth noting that at one point it was me that brought up the subject of lowering our price only to hear from you that it was not a good idea and we would get the price we wanted. You were right and not one week later your recommendations came true. At one point before I listed with you I did consider selling my property on my own to eliminate the commission that we would pay. I decided against this strategy and I can honestly say that I am so glad that I did as I know I would not have come close to the price we eventually received. Also the amount of work and preparation you both put into selling our home was simply outstanding. Once again both my wife and I would like to thank you for the professionalism and caring you put into the process which made a normally stressful task of selling your home into as good an experience as can be expected.

By: Visa Kumar

Carol and Peter, I want you to know that you are a high caliber team. Your personal attention and service was exceptional as also your knowledge of the local community combined with diligent marketing which helped in selling my property. Thank you for all your efforts

By: Solon & Erlinda Reyes

Hi Carol & Peter, Just to let you know how happy we are to have known you. You did such a wonderful job in the selling of our house. We saw you unflinching under pressure, always with our interests at heart. And you did these with such understandable grace, charm and composure. And with Peter, with his unrelenting attention to detail through to completion, you make a great team. We have already proclaimed you as “The Agent” for selling or buying a house to everyone we know. Thanks!

By: Cheryl & Chuck Davis

Our experience selling our home with Peter and Carol was only positive. There are very professional, knowledgeable, and get to work immediately. They gave us very helpful advice, which we followed, and as a result our home sold within a couple of days. My husband summed it up when he asked them, “When do real estate brokers sleep?” If you want to deal with people you can trust, I would advise you to give Peter and Carol a call.

By: Bob & Kenda Cranfield

Bob and I wanted to thank you and Pete for the excellent job you did on the marketing and sale of our home. We were very impressed with the entire process, from listing to sale, and the manner with which you handled our transaction. The "home sellers" portfolio that you provided us with was very informative; guiding us through the process and explaining the Keller Williams philosophy and what to expect from you, as our agent. You certainly became more than an agent and the friendship we have forged, made this an enjoyable process. We felt very confident with our choice to have you represent us and that confidence grew with each step, from your professional advice on staging our home, through the marketing and advertising, to the Open Houses. You were always available for questions, followed through on all inquiries and kept us informed throughout the time our home was listed. We knew our home and our sale were being well taken care of and our interests were well managed in your hands. Your advice proved invaluable and the "right buyers" were found in very short order, (as you predicted). It is always a scary step, deciding to sell ones home and then, deciding on who should represent you, through the process. We feel very strongly, that we made the right decision and would recommend your services to anyone making the decision to sell their house or need an agent to help them purchase a home. It has been a pleasure working with you and we would like to say we look forward to doing it again...but I don't want to think about moving for a very long time!!! However, should we make that decision again, you would be the first person we would call. Thank you again for everything you have done for us in making this as painless and as profitable a process as possible.

By: Sheila & Mike Radford

Hello Carol. Just a note to let you know how pleased I was with the handling of the listing, preparation, and sale of our house on Russell View Road. You were totally professional, dedicated and thoughtful in your approach to the sale and it was reflected in the almost $70,000 above listing price we achieved. I would not hesitate to recommend you to our neighbours and friends, and have passed along the word that hiring you to list means getting the best price possible. We had a traffic jam outside our house during the open houses and many offers. Kudos to you for a superb outcome! It is indeed a gorgeous home and I hope the nice family moving in will enjoy it for many years to come. Thanks for knocking on our door and offering your superb services! Ok, there you go, Carol! My mother in law lives at 66 Collier in toronto. I have had words with Elli Davis, as she has been listing and selling these beautiful units way below their true value. I heard a unit was listed with a different agent a few months ago and sold for it's real value - over $900,000. Elli was routinely listing and selling for under $600,000. I would appreciate your letting me know which units have sold and for how much. Thanks so much. I also see the Duncairn house finally sold the other day. Just out of curiosity, would you know for what that sold? I have told everyone who has asked that you were wonderful, and I do hope I eventually send business your way. My sons may buy condos over the next few years in Mississauga. If so, you will be the first person I call!

By: Margaret Gillespie

We were referred to Carol & Peter by our neighbour. He told us we would love Carol and would be treated very special. My neighbour understated the service from Carol and Peter in selling our home in the Enclave on the Park. We are off to Amica, a seniors residence. They are compassionate, caring and competent. The whole process was very difficult on us as I have just turned 92 and my wife, Margaret is 86. Carol & Peter made the whole experience seamless. She even arranged to remove the chair lift if the buyer didn’t want it. They were both very patient with Margaret and myself. They were able to sell it in one week, a blessing for us and we got top dollar. They are so professional, personable and honest. My neighbour didn’t realize how much he did for me when he referred me to “The Mother & Son Team That Cares”. They really exceeded our expectations and they truly care. Keep up the great work you two, you make a difference for people and that’s what is important in life.